Ray Downing

3D Illustrator and Animator

Jesus Portrait in Gold Neoclassical Frame

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Icon wtrmk.jpg

Jesus Portrait in Gold Neoclassical Frame


This stunningly beautiful frame encloses our best-selling Jesus portrait. As with all our framed pictures, the image has been matched in color and style to the frame in order to create a unique and very special piece.

Picture size: 8 x 10”

Overall size: 15 x 17 x 2”

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With a width of 3 3/4”, this beautiful frame not only enhances the portrait, but it conveys the feeling of a priced antique object d’art.

Beauty wtrmk.jpg

The fluted cove and the leaf motif with ribbon are lovely details.

storeCorner wtrmk.jpg

An image of the Shroud of Turin fabric and detailed weave is featured in the background.

Shroud of Turin weave Ray Downing.jpg

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