Ray Downing

3D Illustrator and Animator

Ray Downing 3D illustrator animator.jpg
From left to right: Phil Rivera, Ray Downing, Maria Downing, and Andrew McTiernan (RIP - We miss you, Andrew)

From left to right: Phil Rivera, Ray Downing, Maria Downing, and Andrew McTiernan (RIP - We miss you, Andrew)

The images on this website have been created by Ray Downing and his Studio Macbeth team. 

In a career that spans three decades, Downing has produced artwork for the scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, and broadcast industries.

Clients include: History Channel, Genzyme Corporation, Concentric Pharma, LifeBrands, Abelson Taylor, DDB, Sudler & Hennessey, CommonHealth, RCW, Euro RSCG, Interlink, Ogilvy Healthworld, Forest Labs, Saatchi & Saatchi, Burson Marsteller, Wishbone, Readers Digest, Echo Torre Lazur, Gilead Science, Daiichi Sankyo, Centron, ML Rogers, Common Health, Metaphor, Tor Books, and others. 

Products include: Pepsi, Listerine, New York Lottery, Bellagio Las Vegas, Zantac, Enbrel, Synvisc-One, Solesta, Gammagard, Hormel, Similac, Aldara, Relenza, Amgen, Velcade, Takeda, Zemplar, Amitiza, Cellcept, Hyalgan, Niaspan, Lucentis, and many others. View Studio Macbeth's gallery of images and gallery of videos.

In 2010 Downing received an Emmy for Individual Achievement in Graphic Design and Art Direction for a collection of illustrations and animations of President Abraham Lincoln that were featured in a History Channel special titled Stealing Lincoln's Body. Downing based his digital Lincoln on historical photographs and two life masks.

In the years that followed, Downing created a series of animations of Christ based on the Shroud of Turin. They were featured in two subsequent History Channel specials: The Real Face of Jesus? and Jesus: the Lost 40 Days

After receiving many requests from the public, Downing created two Jesus portraits - Jesus in Death and Jesus Resurrected - and made them available on our web store. This collection is an ongoing project and at present includes more than fifteen beautiful images.

Studio Macbeth is currently in production of an independent Christmas-themed film.

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