Ray Downing

3D Illustrator and Animator

Jesus Alive Again is a film about the voices of people 2000 years ago telling us what they saw during the first Easter.

With 3D computer graphics, beautiful imagery, music, and words from the gospels, we go back in time to Palestine, 33 A.D.

Directed and produced by Emmy winner artist Ray Downing.

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DVD Jesus Alive Again Ray Downing.jpg

You may have noticed that there are not many holiday films you can watch year after year. We are talking about shows which stir up deep feelings, connect us to the season, and make it all seem new again. Perhaps Easter has even less than its fair share of this type of program.

We at Studio Macbeth we have set out to remedy this situation and create a series of sincere, entertaining, and touching films for the holidays. Our first offering is titled Jesus Alive Again.

Something which is not in short supply in today's holiday programming is the legions of experts intent on telling the public what to think, what not to believe, and how to feel. Jesus Alive Again is not that. The only words you are going to hear are from the New Testament.

Jesus Alive Again is a film about the voices of people from 2000 years ago urgently telling us what they saw. These voices offer a direct and unembellished accounting of the first Easter. We invite the audience to see what the apostles saw which caused them to believe that Jesus was alive again. It is left entirely to the viewer to decide for themselves what to make of this amazing story.

This film is also about using 3D computer graphics technology for something more than video games, monsters, and super heroes. What we present here is beautiful imagery with a classic feel to illustrate the narrative. 

The face of Jesus featured in this film was derived from the 3D information encoded on the Shroud of Turin, a linen cloth some believe to be Christ's burial cloth.

Feature length: approx. 25 minutes.

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