Ray Downing

3D Illustrator and Animator

Jesus Portraits in Pedestal Frame

Pedestal Gold Icon wtrmk.jpg
Pedestal Gold Icon wtrmk.jpg

Jesus Portraits in Pedestal Frame


Displayed in an unusual frame with a pedestal, these two portraits have the look and feel of a loved antique. The frame is aged wood, no two are alike, with a rough texture and small imperfections that only add to its charm. The black metal pedestal is heavy and anchors the piece nicely so it won't tip over easily. 

The two portraits, among our best sellers, have been aged to match the antique feel of the frame. I Am the Way portrait on the left, Veronica's Veil on the right side of the photo. As with all our Jesus portraits, they are based on the Shroud of Turin.

All in all, beautiful pieces for table top display that will fit any environment and decor, from contemporary to classic.

Overall height: 14"             Frame size: 6 x 8"            Image size: 4 x 6"

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Close up detail of the frame. Aged wood, beautiful texture.

Jesus Portrait Pedestal Frame Shroud of Turin Ray Downing.jpg

Handsome, heavy metal pedestal.

Pedestal Gold Base.jpg

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