Ray Downing

3D Illustrator and Animator

NEW - Ecce Homo 8" x 10"

Jesus Ecce Homo 8x10 wtrmk.jpg
Jesus Ecce Homo 8x10 wtrmk.jpg

NEW - Ecce Homo 8" x 10"


Picture of Jesus based on the Shroud of Turin by Emmy winner 3D computer graphics artist Ray Downing.

A poignant portrait of Christ, "Ecce Homo" comes in an antiqued, casseta-style frame with a subtle fleur-de-lys design and lightly speckled with old gold. See detail picture below.

Fitted with easel back, it can be displayed on a table top or hung on a wall.

Image size: 8" x 10"

Frame size: 10' x 12"

Frame width: 1.25"

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Also available in beautiful gift bundle with DVD and scented candles.

Available in  5x7".

Close up detail of frame.

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